Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands,
Anniversary & Eternity Bands

At MWG we don't subscribe to a commercialized formula. Instead we suggest that you have some idea of a comfort zone for your purchase. Breaking the purchase into three parts (budget, stone, and setting) will help you see exactly where your money goes and how the investment breaks down. Many times you can meet all the needs of the purchasing "Trilogy" without going to the top of your budget. We'll help you choose a diamond that truly captures the magic of the moment… and reflects the promise of tomorrow.

There are those who will happily sell you big diamonds for a big price, but that's not the measure of your commitment or of the diamond. At Marc Williams Goldsmith we'll take the time to show you what makes one diamond more valuable than another. We'll compare stones and work within your budget to make sure you get the finest quality for your investment.

Engagement Rings

We have two basic types of engagement settings: offset and elevated. Our offset style has a straight shank and displays the diamond slightly off-center, allowing the wedding band to rest flush against it. Our elevated style also has a straight shank, but the diamond base is raised on a "platform" to allow the wedding band to pass underneath. Both styles are durably built to withstand years of use. We've even heard tales of our customer's rings being run over in traffic without compromising their strength.

Wedding Bands

We prefer to work in 14K yellow or white gold, but all of our styles are available in 18k or platinum. Many of our bands are also available in married metals. Married metal bands are formed by the fabrication and fusion of two different colored metals (such as yellow and white gold). Our bands are not only precise, but are sturdy and have a great feel to them. We often finger fit the bands for extra comfort by tapering and rounding the inside edges. Our bands are meant to be worn every day, and to last the duration of your marriage.

Anniversary Bands

The anniversary band is generally meant to mark a milestone in your marriage. Anniversary bands generally have three or more diamonds and can either be worn on the right ring finger or alongside the wedding and engagement rings on the left ring finger.

Eternity Bands

In this style, the diamonds wrap entirely around the finger and are meant to represent never-ending or eternal love. Eternity bands have tons of sparkle but it should be noted that with diamonds the whole way around the band, the bezels are prone to slightly more wear. If a customer is excessively hard on jewelry, we may recommend an anniversary band over an eternity band.