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Creating Handcrafted Jewelry for over 35 years

Marc Williams Goldsmith offers a unique selection of handcrafted diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary bands, custom gold and silver jewelry, precious gems, American crafts and so much more. Stop by one of our galleries today.


Select pieces that will last a lifetime but won’t be available forever.  From rings to earrings to pendants, each design is numbered and signed.  Apredetermined number of pieces will be created, so once the last one is sold, its mold will be archived and never available again.  Marc Williams Limited Edition is not mass produced, yet it is more affordable than our one of a kind pieces.  This jewelry can serve as heirloom pieces or gifts you share with a select circle.  All together, there are 10 unique designs available in our 2015 catalog... that is, until they’re gone.