Specialty Work

Specialty work is built from our existing line items but can be economically adapted especially to suit your needs. A small portion of our specialty work uses previously molded segments but almost all of this work is fabricated in wax and or metal to meet the special need of the individual project. These pieces start around $300 and are not available in sterling silver. Specialty work provides a personalized approach but still has built in savings using some molding or repetitive fabricating techniques.


Studio Collection

Studio collection pieces are readily available in our stores and are referred to as line items. These pieces are not custom (or one-of-a-kind) and can be found in our catalogs. Most of these pieces have our exclusive molds and require a small to medium amount of fabrication to complete. An approximate time for physical completion would be 4 to 8 hours. Line items start at around $250 in gold and $42 in sterling. By using a mold we keep the higher cost of "one of a kind" divided up over a number of patrons resulting in savings to you.


Gallery Pieces

Gallery pieces are our premier work. These pieces always contain the finest or most rare gemstones and metals. Since this work will have no molding, the piece itself is the original and is one-of-a-kind. Our Gallery pieces generally start at $2,500 and go upward from there. Gallery pieces can easily run in the tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. This work usually takes 3 to 4 days, but I have worked weeks on some of our more spectacular pieces.